Life On A Line

Life On A Line

Second Edition

Welcome to the official home of Life On A Line, the Underground Rope Rescue Manual.

The Second Edition of Life On A Line is available in paperback and as an eBook in Adobe PDF format. You can purchase an eBook copy using PayPal or any major credit card and be reading it within minutes! Click here to purchase a paperback or eBook copy.

About the book

Underground rescue from caves and mines is the most extreme form of technical rescue in the world, and demands the highest levels of skill in caving, engineering, excavation, geology, trauma medicine and of course ropework. Life On A Line was the first specialist rope rescue book written for and by cave and mine rescuers, and has become the standard text for hundreds of rescue teams, both underground and surface, across the planet.

The Second Edition contains over 200 pages of expanded information and updated techniques for all aspects of ropework, from equipment selection and basic rigging to the complex mathematics of friction and traverses. Entirely new chapters cover casualty care, stretcher selection and rigging, large animal and expedition rescue, plus in-depth explanations of the standards and legal frameworks affecting today's teams. It remains an international textbook, with techniques and explanations aimed at both European EN/CE, American ASTM/NFPA and international ISO/UIAA standards.

We concentrate on adaptable and proven techniques that can be applied by teams using their existing equipment, covering the full range of skills needed for rescue in the modern world:-

get Adobe reader The eBook is supplied in Adobe PDF 1.5 format as a 30MB download, allowing it to be opened on both desktop and mobile devices. High-resolution images and text are used throughout, giving press-quality output on home laser or inkjet printers, plus fully indexed and searchable content. Page size is suitable for home printing on both US Letter and ISO A4 paper.

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